About us

Naji Makhoul & Sons Ltd is a private organization that has a legal registration in Israel, its offices and warehouses are located in the North (Galilee Area).

The company has been established since 1983 after dealing in private businesses along 100 years.


Among other activities, the company is a leader in Sorting, cleaning & trading agriculture fresh products; i.e. seeds, wheat, peas etc.


In Addition to the local commerce activities, the organization is an exporter since the end of 1980s to both main markets in the world; Europe & the United States of America.

Furthermore, we import several kinds of seeds & nuts from the global markets for local commerce.


Our main customers are Traders, Roasters and Food-Industrials.


We concern, worry take-care of our local products starting with supervising the activities of planting, during the growing period and the harvest; Continuing with sorting and packing by our own modern machinery.


Moreover, Naji Makhoul & Sons Ltd has its own best and modern building & rooms for storing its products during the agriculture year as prefabricated buildings, cooling rooms etc. taking care in storing and fumigating in the best ways in order to keep having the best quality of our products.


The company employs about 50 workers, 15% of them deals with taking care of the operation management in order to get the best results required of the local products.

Our main local products are: sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, chickpeas (different types), wheat "durum" (for pasta), popcorn seeds etc.


Quality management standards of ISO 9001:2008 are applied on our business in specific activities of cleaning, sorting, packing, storing & trading. The applied standards are also authorized by the International Certification Network "IQ-Net Association".


Our general manager, Mr. Elias Makhoul, has been elected as Member of Board in both: Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Haifa and the North AND The Israeli Shippers Council.