Sunflower seeds


Our Sunflower Seeds are known as one of the best sunflower seeds in the world, as it is characterized mainly by the following:


Sunflower seeds Israeli origins are different from all kinds of other sunflower seeds as the percentage of oil that the seeds contain is very low. It has been estimated by 18% only comparing with the other origins which have approximately 50%.

This advantage leads us to a very healthy product, very low fatting seeds, free of cholesterol, free of harmful trans-fats and long shelf life.

 This unique product has very huge size comparing with other origins, even if other markets may have the screen when sorting the seeds, but our long seeds is not available in other markets for example; size UP 9 m"m longs between 22m"m to 32m"m & sometimes longer.


Description: Liron sunflower seeds, Raw, In-shell

Screen sizes available: Up 8 m"m & Up 9 m"m

Packing: 25kg polypropylene bags 


Physical Analysis


MAX 9%


MAX 1.5%

Insect damaged kernels

MAX 1%

Size up 9

MAX 5% down 9m"m

MIN 70% up 10m"m

Size up 8

MAX 5% down 8m"m

MIN 70% up 9m"m











Chemical Analysis

GMO (qualitative):


Aflatoxin B1

from zero to less than 2ppm

Total aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2)




Chemical additive